A proposito

Orlo* is born from a fascination with the unplanned, and the wisdom of mistake.

We believe it is vital to advance uncertain towards scenarios surprisingly far from those models and processes to which we usually refer.

We believe marginality means strength and its places are those where new important languages develop.

We want to explore and discover. We believe that the practices of spontaneous and unaware self-production are a cultural and political matter, a considerable resource. We believe that necessity and tradition should recombine themselves in the know-how. Orlo is a bookzine of practical culture.

Each number comes out of the assembling of data, traces and materials collected during our explorations. Orlo is an experiment halfway between traditional and digital publishing. Each number is a limited edition printed in Risograph; it is also published in digital edition. In two languages, Italian and English.

Orlo is reports, interviews and extras published online.

*Orlo: Italian word for hem or boundary



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