Call for proposal

We are working on bookzine #1. It's time to go, want to join us?

The topic of the issue #1 of Orlo is Sankofa / return and get it*. This time we go to Africa, to the origins of humanity and of the world, to move then to other continents together with migrants, their dreams and needs.

For in this first issue we want to start all over again, more than simply start. We want to start afresh: from design before design. We are interested in imperfection and spontaneous doing, in the future as cultural resetting, in the primitivism seen as research and deep understanding of archetypes and languages threatened with extinction.

We want to give room to designers-travellers interested in Africa, putting the exchange with local artisans, the rediscovery of techniques and old crafts, and the employment of local materials at the centre of their own research and experience. We aim at bringing out the value of participatory projects favouring communities and their necessities, of contaminations between disciplines and distant worlds, of the reuse of waste and raw materials.

At the same time, we want to give space to networks and associations working for migrants in Europe, making possible a meeting of local communities and a cultural cross-over.


What we deal with:
Architecture projects, product and graphic design, illustration, travel photographic reportages depicting the natural and cultural heritage of Africa, and travel stories.

What to submit:
A text that tells the project (or your working / travelling / studying experience). Text must be 4500 characters long (word file with author name and title separated by underscores, all in lower case, for example: author_titleofarticle.doc) + biography of the author.

6 images of your project, or 6 reportage photographs. Any caption should be in a separated word file.

All file should be sent to orlopress(at) via dropbox

Deadline: September 18th, 2016.

*Sankofa is a word from the Akan language of Ghana, meaning return and get it, or rather learn from the past.

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